Why let books gather dust on your shelves when they can explore the world, have adventures, and touch other people's lives? Best of all, you can watch their adventures from the 'comfort' of your computer chair!

Bookcrossing gives your book a special number (called a BCID) and a virtual journal. When people find your books (and it mightn't happen overnight... but it will happen!) they register their find online and you can find out where in the world it is! To help explain the concept - and convince your lucky bookfinders to go online to tell you about their find - I suggest using labels on the inside front-cover of your book that explain the concept. In fact, I have created my own selection of free themed labels you can print out at home!

(If you want something a little more special, you can buy pre-printed labels from the bookcrossing store. Incidently, I've designed some of the t-shirts that they sell, so if you like what you see here, go support the bookcrossing site!)

Above are the links to my collection of labels designed for special events - conventions, anniversaries, special themed weeks, etc. If you have a suggestion, RABCK or would like to request a specially themed label, send me a PM.